Arkanoid 4000

arkanoid 4000

Arkanoid 4000 puts a classical gaming concept in a futuristic backdrop and is a game based on Breakout. It is basically a ball-and-paddle game published by Alawar Entertainment and was released in October 2010. The goal of the Arkanoid video game is simple: Move the paddle at the bottom of the screen until it hits and gets rid of all the blocks. As soon as that happens, you’re on to the next level. If you lose or drop your last ball, the game is over.

Arkanoid 4000 Features

Classic game but has a post-modern design
3D design
Tracker music
Dynamic control of game speed
Has lots of episodes and levels
Original bonuses
Exciting power-ups and in-game special abilities

Arkanoid 4000 Technical Information and Minimum System Requirements

Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Developer: ImproGames
Release Date: May 8, 2003
File size: 5MB
Platform: Windows
Genre: Action
Perspective: Up-Down
Theme: Pong, Arcade, Paddle

Minimum System Requirements:

XP, Vista, Windows 7
128 MB RAM
600 MHz processor
DirectX 8.0

How to Download

Some websites offer Arkanoid 4000 versions 8.1, 1.3, and 1.0 on a secure download link. At least there is one website that offers to directly play Arkanoid arcade games on the browser and on their website plus a rendition of the classic Breakout game online. However, the version that they have is not Arkanoid 4000.
If you have found a link to a secure download, follow these steps:

Click on the EXE file and accept all user agreements. Depending on the download, the executable file could be under different names. Ark.exe, Isles.exe, Flaming Ball.exe, Config.exe, or butterfly-arkanoid.exe are common default file names to indicate the Arkanoid installer.
Click “Run” and click “Yes” when a security warning appears.
When the installation is done, click “Finish.”
If the game does not start automatically, do it manually via the shortcut link at Desktop.
Enjoy your Arkanoid video game!

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