Bubble Bobble

bubble bobble

The Bubble Bobble arcade game is an all-time classic. Many put it in the conversation of the greatest co-op video game ever created, and at the top of the list at that! What makes this otherwise simple game to be held in such high regard?

Well, in the video game universe, the simpler, the better. That makes it more accessible to a broader audience, and thus, directly and positively impacts its popularity. Bubble Bobble checks all the boxes. It is just a single-screen platform game where cute chubby dragons blow bubbles, and enemies on hoods respond by firing projectiles.

How to Play Bubble Bobble?

The Bubble Booble arcade video game is a co-op game, allowing two players to play and work together as teammates. In this case, the players play the dragons, Bub and Bob. The protagonists fire bubbles to the enemies, and they must defeat said enemies by colliding with them while they are inside the bubble. If done right, the enemies are turned into food items that you can pick up for extra points.

Each level has a specific number of enemies to defeat before advancing to the next level. There will be special items and bubbles that appear from time to time to give special abilities and powers. Letters may also pop up, and if you can get all to spell EXTEND, you earn a bonus life and immediately moves to the next level.

How Many Levels in Bubble Bobble?

The answer is 100. That’s the final level of the game where the players face a boss. Bubble Bobble actually features different endings. When you complete the level on single-player mode, you are urged to return with a friend. If the players finish the game, Bub and Bob return to their human forms and reunited with their girlfriends.

But that’s not all. After completing the game in two-player mode, there is another Super mode in which you can play the game faster, making it more complicated than the regular mode. When you finish this “super” mode, the boss named Super Drunk is exposed to be the brothers’ parents controlled by an evil influence. Still, Bub and Bob regain their human forms and reunited with their parents and girlfriends.

Bubble Bobble Sequels

Bubble Bobble made so much impact in the video gaming world that its developer Taito released a sequel called Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron’s Workshop. It was first available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch and on PC this September 30.

Downloading Guide

If you’re looking for a Bubble Bobble online download for the classic game, it’s available on Google Play. You may find other websites that offer downloads, but we suggest doing it from a trusted source.

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