Coin Master Game Review

Coin Master

Coin Master is a fun, casual casino-type game that allows you to get competitive with friends. While it does allow you to purchase in-game items and upgrades, you can play the game completely for free on your Android or iPad.

Log on to to take your chances when playing your favorite casino game. Most casino games are randomized with multiple outcomes possible for winning or losing a bet. Wager your bets wisely while having fun regardless of a win or loss.

Just like you can wager bets on a real-life casino game, you can do the same on Coin Master with or without using real money. In this case, your bets wagered are the number of spins you use within one slot reel spin. Whatever reward combination you land on, you will get a multiplied reward based on the bet you accordingly placed.

Bets can be increased to two, three, five, fifteen, and fifty times. If you have hundreds or thousands of spins available, you can increase the bet to one of these higher numbers to get more coins, spins, and shields to protect your current village and event items.

The Popularity of Coin Master

Coin Master is the second-best-grossing game in the causal section of Google PlayStore. There have been 100 million downloads and eight million reviews placed on the Google PlayStore for an average review rating of 4.6 stars.

The game is also available on iPad and ranks #4 in the adventure gaming category on the Apple Store. It has almost 710,000 reviews, ranking it at 4.7 stars.

The Concept of the Game

Spin the slot reel. Press and hold for the auto spin function to expend hundreds or thousands of spins you have. Customize your bet based on the current number of spins you have. Build different villages and protect them with shields you earn from spins. Earn coins to upgrade your current village, so you can move on to another one when you finish the construction of the previous one.

Icon Legend

Here’s a simple guide to the icon legend:

  • Three shields=shields to protect your village
  • Three blue cylinders=extra spins
  • Three hammers=village attack
  • Three special events symbols=a number of them to earn extra in-game rewards
  • Three pigs= village raid

The Difference Between Attacks and Raids

Attacks and raids on people’s villages help you to earn extra coins besides what you earn from slot reel spins. Both instances have similarities in differences in how you earn coins and how it affects the opposing individual’s coins.

Coin Master Village Attacks

You can attack a Facebook friend or a random person’s village when the slot reels land on three metal hammers. Attack one of their structures in the village to earn coins.

The opposing person may have shields available to protect their village, which would mean you get fewer coins than you would if you landed a successful unshielded attack. While the person receiving the attack will not lose any of their coins from what they have already, they will have to spend coins to fix the structure back to normal.

Coin Master Raids

Raids occur when the slot reels show three of the piggy mascots dressed in a fun-themed mask to match the game’s current event. You will know who you are raiding because the person’s name will be above the reels until the reels give you a raid.

Four Xs will pop up on the screen in the village. When you tap each one, a shovel appears, digging into the ground to extract the person’s hidden coins. Three random holes will give you coins while the last one does not have any. You can only pick three of the holes to dig. If you have a supporting pet, they will dig the last hole for you to garner additional coins. Raids directly deduct from the opposing person’s coin total and award them to you.

Play Coin Master Today

If you want a free way to enjoy a casino-type game without as much risk involved, try CoinMaster today! It can help you get your gambling fix while on a budget.

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